About Ashley

Ashley Hoath-Murray believes that innovation, adaptability and transparency are the three most important keys to success for not-for-profit agencies and businesses.

For 16 years, Ashley worked for Literacy Link Niagara, the adult literacy network in the Niagara Region. She started as a Project Manager, but worked her way up to Executive Director. She consulted and engaged key stakeholders about issues relating to literacy through her project work and created tools, managed events and made recommendations to external partners that produced positive communal change. After moving away from the community, she felt it was time to pass the torch to a new leader. She is grateful for all she learned and continues to support the organization as a consultant.

Ashley is passionate about treating people in a manner that speaks to their needs and experiences. As a former Gender & Women Studies student with more than a decade of experience serving clients from diverse backgrounds, she believes in client-centered service and implementing practices to ensure that every client has a voice. As progressive practices related to gender, race and economic status are entering the mainstream, she feels it is the responsibility of all agencies and businesses to be aware of changing social norms and expectations.

Ashley always seems to wear many hats. Even when she was employed full-time, she "side-hustled". She enjoys balancing the needs of several organizations as a consultant because it allows her to share best practices across sectors. She enjoys facilitating discussions that focus on strategic potential and producing matching documents to ensure follow through. She uses adult learning principles to create tools and curriculum that allow clients to improve their skills and confidence. Her love of clear design, efficiency and simple beauty make her an excellent event planner from concept design to day of logistics to evaluation.

Known to her friends as Ash, she is the Mom of 3 lovely humans and married to a man who still gives her butterflies when he walks in the room. She finds peace in nature, mindful movement and solitary runs. She can't imagine starting a day with out a good cup of coffee.


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